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  Lapidary has never been a hugely popular hobby here in the UK and I don't really know why that should be.  Although many people do try their hand at tumble polishing pebbles they often don't progress any further and eventually give up altogether.  Perhaps the price and availability of equipment and raw materials is a deterrent.

 The internet can be a good source of second hand machines but membership of a lapidary club, of which there are quite a few scattered around the country, would avoid the need to outlay hard-earned cash .  It would also offer the opportunity to learn from someone more experienced.

 Iíve been cutting and polishing stone for more years than I care to remember and have progressively been building up a stock of material (see photo to the right of this text) so, although I donít stock equipment, I can possibly help with the raw materials. 

SRB Stones

My aim is to supply good quality rough and slabbed (pre-cut) rock at a reasonable price.

 My workshop is only small but is equipped with a 10in slab saw, vibrolap, tumbler, grindstones etc., the most recent additions being a diamond lapping machine and 14in saw.  If you'd like to take a look at the machines in my workshop click here.  Although space is somewhat limited the workshop also serves as a display area for the rock.  In addition to working with my own materials I do occasionally cut and polish stone for customers, though at present I'm unable to take on any additional work. 

  Visitors are always welcome although it does need to be by appointment, and even if you're just curious about the hobby you'd be welcome to drop by for a chat. Just e-mail or phone beforehand.  We are to be found just a few miles south of Cambridge.

 Due to the high cost of postage I would much prefer that, should you wish to purchase some rock, you make a visit and select the material yourself, but if that's not practical just provide a description of what material youíre looking for and how you plan to use it and I'll do my best to supply your needs by post.  In this digital age it's a simple task to provide photographs to help you choose the most suitable pieces.

 The following pages list the rough rock that is currently available, and I hope that the descriptions provide a realistic impression of the quality.  The photographs are of actual pieces in stock at the time that the page was generated.  Apologies if the pictures are not that great, I don't claim to be a photographer.  Some material is also available in pre-cut slabs, suitable for making cabochons. 

 I've recently had to make the decision not to purchase any more stone as I now have much more than I need for my own use and, due to a change in my personal circumstances, I no longer have as much time to spare. Visitors are still welcome and I'm happy to continue supplying stone through the post.


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Some of the current stock

Workshop and Display Area


A leaded panel, mostly of Brazilian Agate